Bowen Therapy is a very gentle form of manual therapy. 

The therapist performs gentle pressure and rolls at specific points in the body which hydrates the fascia.

The therapy is aimed at working on correcting imbalances in the body.  Postural imbalances can cause pain and problems in different parts of the body. 

It is almost like acupuncture - but with NO needles.  As most of the points worked on are over known acupuncture points.

The therapist will work on points all over the body - not just concentrating in one area.  Once the body is balanced the therapist will address your specific problem.

Bowen Therapy is safe in pregnancy and can help with many pregnancy related problems, like back or pelvic pain and water retention; it is beneficial for postpartum recovery and can also help with a restless or colic baby.

It also calms down the nervous system - so it is good for any stress related problems.

It was developed in Australia in the 1950’s by Tom Bowen and he had influence from osteopathy, chiropractic and Acupuncture principles