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Treatment for baby colic

Physiotherapy can help with relieving the symptoms:

Physiotherapy center in Dubai treating baby colic, craniosacral therapy for babies and kids

Colic is a digestive symptom, which describes a colon pain. Colic usually appears in new-borns from week two or three and up to six months old. A sign that your baby has colic is when it is healthy, but cries more than 3 hours per day and more than 3 times a week over a period of 3 weeks.

Babies suffering with colic need constant attention. They will cry incessantly and pull their knees up to try to relieve the discomfort in their stomach, even after having nappies changed, are fed and in a comfortable position. This is an extremely stressful situation for the whole family.
How we can help:
Marta Gonzalez, BSC. Physiotherapy has special training to treat baby colic. She is using visceral and connective tissue massage to help reduce the symptoms. This special technique relaxes the muscles reducing the tension in the stomach and gut, letting food and wind sort themselves out without causing pressure, irritation or pain.
Treatment is usually required once a week for three weeks and improvements will be seen after the second time. Parents will be shown how to use massage at home as well.