Vertigo treatment

Vertigo is the sensation that you or everything around you is spinning- enough to affect your balance. It’s more than just faintness, it is a rotational dizziness. [more]

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6 simple and effective ways to avoid exercise-induced injuries

As the off season comes to a close and people come back from holiday here's how best to reduce the risk of injury upon resuming exercise after a prolonged period of time away from exercise. Of course some/most will have already...[more]

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Biodynamic Craniosacral Theray

Physiotherapist in Dubai offering craniosacral therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a subtle manual approach that traces its origins to osteopathy. This gentle, hands-on approach is very effective in releasing tensions deep in the body, to relieve pain and dysfunction and...[more]

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Shockwave treatment

Physiotherapy Center in Dubai offering shockwave therapy

Now available[more]

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'Fit Back and Bump'

Physiotherapy Center in Dubai pre-natal  post natal exercise program fitback and bump

Effective and safe pre- and post-natal exercise programs.[more]

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Physiotherapy Center in Dubai for cupping

Considering that celebrities and sports stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Michael Phelps are using it, one might think that it is a new treatment technique. But is an ancient form of alternative medicine which is particularly...[more]

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Treatment for baby colic

Physiotherapy center in Dubai treating baby colic, craniosacral therapy for babies and kids

Physiotherapy can help with relieving the symptoms:[more]

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