KUUR Dubai Physiotherapy Center

KUUR Dubai has a dedicated and highly experienced team of western physiotherapists who offer a broad spectrum of proven and evidence based treatments. Our approach to physiotherapy is highly individual, creating a unique treatment program for every patient while delivering results in the shortest possible time. We also enable patients through training and education to stay pain free, increase sports performance and quality of life.

Post graduate specialization of each of our physiotherapists allows us to treat a wide variety of problems such as sports injuries, acute and chronic conditions, women’s health and ergonomics. Some of the treatments offered are manual and exercise therapy, manipulation, acupuncture or dry needling, Kinesio taping, bio-mechanical analysis, cupping, shock wave, electrotherapy, laser or ultrasound.

KUUR's physiotherapy facilities are specifically designed to provide our patients with a warm and serene healing environment to ensure maximum benefit from their treatment.


We are conveniently located in Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road close to Media City and Tecom and have extensive parking available in the building.


Biodynamic Craniosacral Theray

Physiotherapist in Dubai offering craniosacral therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a subtle manual approach that traces its origins to osteopathy. This gentle, hands-on approach is very effective in releasing tensions deep in the body, to relieve pain and dysfunction and...[more]


Shockwave treatment

Physiotherapy Center in Dubai offering shockwave therapy

Now available[more]


'Fit Back and Bump'

Physiotherapy Center in Dubai pre-natal  post natal exercise program fitback and bump

Effective and safe pre- and post-natal exercise programs.[more]



Physiotherapy Center in Dubai for cupping

Considering that celebrities and sports stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Michael Phelps are using it, one might think that it is a new treatment technique. But is an ancient form of alternative medicine which is particularly...[more]


Taking up running in the New Year?

Physiotherapy in Dubai for sports injuries and training programs for Triathlon, cycling, swimming and running

The 10 percent rule (10PR)for runners:[more]


Treatment for baby colic

Physiotherapy center in Dubai treating baby colic, craniosacral therapy for babies and kids

Physiotherapy can help with relieving the symptoms:[more]


Treatment for jaw pain or TMJ dysorder

Physiotherapist in Dubai treating jaw pain or TMJ disorders

We constantly use our jaws [more]

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