O. M.: "6 month after my delivery, I was shocked when someone asked me if I was pregnant again. It was true that my belly has never been the same after my first child, it looked like a 6 month pregnancy belly instead of 6month post natal belly. I thought it was normal, that woman recover more or less quickly, and I was among the slow recovery group.
Until one of my friend told me that it could be a diastasis recti, and I should do something now before it was too late. She recommended me Marilyne and her post natal program specific for that condition. I was glad I did, she was really kind and the way she explains makes it very easy to understand. She gave me a step by step program that I was continuing at home. I was really amazed how my belly has changed.
After 2 weeks only, I could feel my stomach being more toned already, and after 6 weeks, nobody can ask or think that I am currently pregnant!"

R.N.:My daughter had a terrific muscle spasm in her neck and back. And then! Marilyne came along and helped us understand more deeply what was going on and through her magic gave her some mobility and relief from pain."

C. L. : "Lors de mon troisieme trimestre de grossesse, j'ai commence a eprouver certaines genes liees au poids de bebe comme des douleurs lombaires ou les jambes lourdes, etc. Les cours prives de pilates ante-natal avec Marilyne m'ont vraiment aidee a aborder la fin de ma grossesse sereinement et en douceur grace a un programme d'exercices sur mesure et revisable a tout moment selon l'evolution de mes besoins. Les douleurs sont completement parties, j'ai retrouve un vrai dynamisme jusqu'au jour J (mon mari n'en revenait pas !) et j'ai pu vivre sans apprehension la naissance de ma fille grace aux exercices pre-accouchement que nous avons repetes ensemble que ce soit au niveau de la preparation du perine ou de la respiration au moment des contractions. Marilyne a ete un precieux soutien avant et meme apres l'accouchement et j'ai particulierement aime son professionnalisme et sa passion du metier."



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